Emmanuel Daniel

Emmanuel Daniel is an award winning writer and one of the world’s most highly regarded commentator on leadership issues, with a special focus on Asia and China. Emmanuel is the founder of The Asian Banker, the foremost intelligence company on banking in Asia and The Investor Audit, a firm that helps Asian banks and companies reach out to the global investor community. Born in Malaysia, he lives in Singapore and Beijing and travels worldwide.

Over the years he has developed a considerable network with leading industry personalities around the world, some of whom are now featured through his personable conversations in thebankingconversation.com. While all the interviews are procured in the context of current news and developments, viewers will notice that his style focuses on engaging the interviewees on the more enduring principles that guide them in their thinking. His signature ability is in getting protagonists to speak on how they deal with the hard issues that are on all our minds. This gives viewers with a more enduring perspective of the protagonists that go beyond issues of the day, and makes The Banking Conversation one of the most valuable collection of commentaries on leaders who are shaping our world today.

Readers are encouraged to augment The Banking Conversation videos with Emmanuel’s personal and more in-depth reflections and observations on the issues in his blog and in The Asian Banker websites.