Australia’s Clitheroe: “Financial literacy and financial advocacy are two different things”

July 2009

(Part 2 of 3) Conversation with Paul Clitheroe, Chairman of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board, and founder of ipac Securities

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One Response to “Australia’s Clitheroe: “Financial literacy and financial advocacy are two different things””

  1. at 11:20 am John Guthrie Says:

    Financial education is so important, and Clitheroe’s points about getting it in the schools is crucial. A lot of the work being done seems to be through NPOs, sometimes with major funding from corporate foundations, but governments need to come on board for there to be any real impact. Australia and the EU seem to be on the ball, and it’s catching on in parts of the US, but not enough is being done. This crisis, and the mis-selling that has happened in places like Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, should be taking this off the backburner and forcing the issue out into the open, but I’m not so sure we’ll see anything real before the economy picks up again, and when everything is moving smoothly it can sit on the backburner again.


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