“David Eldon on the changing nature of leadership”

July 2009

(Part 2 of 2) Conversation with David Eldon, Current Chairman of Dubai International Financial Centre Authority, and former Chairman, HSBC Asia Pacific

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One Response to ““David Eldon on the changing nature of leadership””

  1. at 4:27 pm Wilbur Says:

    David Eldon seems to enjoy promoting the generalist approach, something that HSBC does with its international managers programme, but few other banks do. Some bankers at other banks seem to become generalists haphazardly – they start in one bank, another bank takes them on and doesn’t know what to do with them and lets them bop around a few departments, they somehow become wanderers in life and career.

    The military background at HSBC is something I was not aware of but it makes a lot of sense – if the international managers are the officers and the rest of the staff are the footsoldiers and everybody is talking the same line, that sounds a lot like HSBC. The smart talent seems to be identified and trained to be a generalist, while the soldiers become specialists.


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