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The Banking Conversation TM is published by and copyrighted worldwide by TAB International Pte Ltd, a company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore. The publishers have made these interviews available for individual viewing.

It is an offence to trade in or use the interview clippings for any commercial purposes, including for corporate presentations without the express permission from the copyright owner. Where the interviewee or the organisations featured have provided material for use in this programme, they have assigned the copyright use of these material to be used only as part of the interview clippings in its entirety and in context, and not for other purposes whosoever.

For corporate or commercial use, the publishers provide a DVD version of the interview clipping in its entirety, that is available for purchase at a nominal sum. Please contact us below to purchase the DVD version that also assigns you the right for commercial use. The DVD version also features a video of higher resolution that is suitable for corporate or commercial use that is not available for the clippings available on the Internet.

Corporate users are advised to contact us below to purchase the DVD.

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